Digital Strategy

An actionable plan for your digital marketing assets will enable you to have transparency on how your content is performing across the channels you use. We will assist you in identifying the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to track the progress of any organic and/or paid campaigns that we develop. 

After selecting your KPIs we evaluate your customer journey in order to refine areas that are outdated or underperforming.  Our focus starts on on the “Awareness & Interest” sections. This refers to the areas where your customers are becoming aware of your brand for the first time. This allows us to understand where your current customers are coming from and what is pulling them in. Based on what has worked being on creating branded templates for advertisements and your social media posts.  

While the campaign assets are developed we ensure your website has landing pages for the campaign that are designed to create an easy and intuitive experience for your target demographics. Visitors to websites take less than 5 seconds to determine if they will stay on the webpage to find the information they were looking for. Our objective is to make their  digital purchasing experience enjoyable and seamless.  

Once your website and other digital assets are prepared, we discuss whether a performance or organic marketing campaign are best for your business.

An organic campaign revolves around inbound marketing tactics which leverage the content you post and create to bring in customers. Typically organic campaigns are longer term and focus on building lasting relationships with each customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in organic marketing. People are actively searching for your industry with the intent of spending their money on either you, or your competitor. Those are high value customers, so where you show up in search engine results has a major impact on the amount of leads you can generate.

A performance marketing campaign revolves around outbound marketing tactics which leverage paid placement and sponsored advertisements on popular channel to display your content to a select segment of their audience. These campaigns tend to be shorter in length and the focus is on acquiring a large volume of customers.

Get in touch with us to learn about the impact our strategies have had on past and current clients by scheduling your free 30 minute meeting. 

Digital Strategy